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  • From the Chesapeake Bay, enter the Choptank River heading east as you approach the Senator Frederick C. Malkus, Jr. Bridge (a 50-ft. vertical clearance). 

  • While heading under the bridge, continue towards green marker 27.

  • Make a starboard 90 turn at green 27 and the entrance to our dock will be approximately 300 yards away at your bow. 

  • As you enter the marina, the docks will be to your portside starting with “Dock C” and going to “Dock A.” The fuel and pump-out stations are located on Dock C. A floating concrete breakwater pier encircles the marina. 

  • Our boat docks are all fixed piers with several floating docks available upon request. MLW: Seven feet Call on VHF Channel 09 / 72 for contact. 

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